Workplace Perks Don’t Create the Best Place to Work

In the year 2020, what does a great place to work at look like? The answer to this isn’t ping pong tables, foosball, snack shelves or weekly free lunches. Sure, all of these can be great and many companies wouldn’t have the same identity without them. BUT.. these alone are not enough to create aContinue reading “Workplace Perks Don’t Create the Best Place to Work”

Self reflection is key to effective leadership

Often leaders are looking for new tips and tricks to improve the productivity among their team members. But putting time aside to improve your part in leading the team is absolutely crucial. When you don’t take the time to self reflect you are basically saying that you are a perfect leader and there is noContinue reading “Self reflection is key to effective leadership”

How to Lead Both Introverts and Extroverts

A team can be made up of all sorts of personalities and it’s your job as a boss to cater for each individual to ensure that they reach their peak level of productivity. However, this can be pretty challenging when a range of personalities also means many different work styles and work preferences. Studies findContinue reading “How to Lead Both Introverts and Extroverts”